Friday, August 15, 2008


Lately The Divine Miss S has been contemplating some pretty open-ended questions. Perhaps it is because her little girlfriend down the street is attending Bible camp and some dialogue has naturally spilled over. Perhaps she is looking for her own sense of this world. In any case, without us ever really having the "G" discussion, here's what recently spilled out of her mouth. Transcribed word for word.

Miss S's Questions To God:

Who was the 1st one alive?

How did the world come about?

What did the 1st house look like?

Who came up with languages?

How many other planets and earths are there?

How did the 1st person get here?

How many people will ever live in the world, from beginning to end? (God will know when it stops)

How long will people stay alive?

Who lives the longest?

How did God make people's bodies?

Next week, we'll sit down and transcribe her answers. From God.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I bumped into a friend at the farmer's market the other day, another uber-mom former booster club president-community doer-creator-mother of 3-fabulous woman who also happens to design gorgeous jewelry which was displayed all over her booth, and she asks me, "So T, what are you working on this year?," well-aware of the goings on at our little school.

I startled to rattle off only my top priorities. "Oh, you know, coordinate the professional development sessions and teacher mentoring, write the monthly newsletter, project manage the Studio Program's garden art know we won that grant I wrote for it, prospective parent tours...."

I stopped for a moment and said, "This year I'm working on Boundaries."

Two More Reasons To Stay Home...

These little guys, rescued brothers, balls of joy and playfulness, unexpectedly found their way home with me a few weeks ago and have been faithfully doing their job of adding levity to all of us ever since.

Next time around, I'm coming back as a cat. Eat. Sleep. Drink. Play.

And Purrrr.

Pure joy.

Now that's a job!