Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quick Learner

"Daddy, Daddy!"

Sienna is so excited to see her Daddy pick her up from pre-school, she is bursting with uncontainable joy. She does a running dive hug into his arms, squeezes him as tight as she can, then pulls away long enough to gather up her pink hoodie, purple lunch box and "go fast" sneakers.

Meanwhile, little Bobby Romano--half thug, half game-show host--vying for adult attention cuts in and begins to fake shoot at Daddy with his fingers…pop, pop, pop.

(For those just joining the story, back about a month ago Sienna announces she would be marrying this little punky preschool friend despite his known tendency for hitting, kicking and pushing.)

Sienna, having none of this, shouts back at him, "Don't shoot my Daddy!"

Bobby is clearly not listening.

He keeps shooting. Shooting and grinning. Pop, pop, pop.

"Don't shoot my Daddy!"


Determined to get his attention this time, Sienna announces,

"I'm not marrying you! Hmph!" she says, spinning on her heel, chin out, arms across her chest, walking away.

"Sienna, how come you don't want to marry him?" Daddy asks as he catches up to her.

"We tried it, it didn't work!" she snaps, as she runs towards the gate.



Suzy said...

I think Sienna is going to be a Divorce Attorney......

Carrie Wilson Link said...

The girl has boundaries. Not enough has been made of that tremendous capability! She sounds so much like my daughter. As our doctor once said, "The traits that make it so tough to raise her, are the ones that are going to serve her well as an adult." Amen.

Lis said...

Hmmm, interesting!