Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Heart The Big Apple!

Haven't had time to write about my trip. Yet. Been navigating a dead computer, installing a new computer, problems with the new computer, trouble-shooting and finally, a new new computer.

God I love the Big Apple.

Turns out I love Apple as well.

In the meantime, these pix will have to suffice...the city that never sleeps....the mom who never sleeps. Big Apple...Apple....Moms Who Rock...Rockin' Their World. I'm starting to see patterns everywhere.

Be the change and the change is reflected right back at you.

There's so much to catch up on...


riversgrace said...

I'm so sorry that I've been SO out of it the past few weeks. I missed the big trip and all the greatness! Please forgive my utter lack of hip.

You remain the coolest mom I know. And I want to hear everything!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I love both Apples, too!