Monday, April 06, 2009

Which Way LA?

So Thursday, thanks to a friendly referral, I get a call from a radio producer looking for someone to be the parent perspective in this ongoing drama playing out in our LA public schools, framed by our $8B state- and $719M local budget crisis, and in light of the huge federal stimulus package making its way down to us by way of Sacramento. Would I be willing to chime in…ah, today, like in the next hour or so on the subject?

Me have an opinion? On the up-to-the-minute public school situation?

You betcha!

Here's me with KCRW's Which Way LA host, Warren Olney, and the CA State Superintendent, Jack O'Connell.

Click to listen. (3rd segment)

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kario said...

Awesome! Hope you gave 'em an earful!