Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Selling Your First Book"

It's one thing to write and write and write. It's another thing to learn how to focus your writing and sell your book.

Somehow in the midst of everything, I managed to crash a 6-hour MediaBistro seminar, "The Secrets Behind Writing and Selling Your First Book" with Susan Shapiro and guest speakers that included a literary agent and an editor from Seal Press. Wow. Jam-packed with info, tips, names and strategies. Part workshopping of your actual pitch letters, part honing in on your unique book angle, part Q&A with guest agent and editor, led by Susan Shapiro who has sold 5 books in 4 years. This was SO helpful and informative for the business side of things. Highly recommended.

Calling all New York/east coast writers:
Susan Shapiro will be teaching her seminar this Sunday, January 28th, 2-8pm in
New York City. Don't miss this if you are serious about selling your book and want to learn how.

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