Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Creation: Something from Nothing

They say that procreation is the ultimate act of creation. We have created a Being. A spirit brought to form. Whether we did this, or it was already done via God's will or karma or destiny, we have a child. Sprung from my loins, or in this case air-lifted from my belly, our child is born. The mutation of egg and sperm, cell and hormone, blood and tissue, flesh and bone is so outstanding, if it weren't so common and ordinary one would think it magic.

So too is the act of creating, well, anything. Making something from nothing. Blank page, blank canvas, blank track, parcel of dirt, empty plate. The process of inspiration into thought into plan into action becomes creation. Something from nothing. I know a little bit about this.

In the beginning, I used my innocence, my trust, my expression to communicate and create.

Then as I developed, I found my art. I used my body, the dance and the dancer, both real and perceived, literally and figuratively.

And when that faded, I used my voice, my music, my songs to tell my story, to evoke a feeling, to create something from nothing.

I also used food, as a chef, as both an expression of love and a way to survive. Both high art and commerce, but just as disposable a medium.

Now I use words, written and spoken. Documenting life. Reflecting on life. But words are passive if not combined with action, production, or movement.

Eventually, as the words fade, I'd like to be able to say I used my life to create art. My indomitable spirit, mercurial and knowing, infusing the very steps I have taken, steps leading down a path, path become journey, journey become inspiration, inspiration become contagious for many.

In the end I'd like to think my willingness to change and grow, my audacity to continue when I knew not how, my courage to face and diffuse challenges, to find another way, to not fear the empty spaces, but continue creating, has been a testament to my spirit.

I'd like to think my life will live on by the example I have lived, through the women I've touched, and through my child, whose innocence and spirit I am entrusted to nurture, who will one day take her impressions and make her own creations.


Jerri said...

As one of the women you've touched, you should know that you've inspired me, over and over.

You blaze quite a trail, T. Your dedication to live your life as art, your openness and willingness to explore your self and your world, the many paths you've followed—it all gives me hope and encourages me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, so to speak.

My sincere thanks for this post, for your steadfast encouragement, for you.

Nancy said...

"not to fear the empty spaces, but to continue creating." Beautifully stated. Your word give me permission to push along the path. Thank you for your insight and for creating such a vivid and artful picture of hope and inspiration.

Prema said...

Creation thus shines upon you, my friend. Self-effort and grace, meeting where there is passion and compassion. I love that your spirit is so willing to feel alive, through so many means. That is a total inspiration.

Celia said...

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