Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad Hair Day

This morning, my morning to sleep in and I wake to the sounds of tantrum.

Nothing like burning the midnight oil only to be rudely awakened to noxious screaming and carrying on, met by expletives and threats, and stomps down the hall, doors slamming.

Our house became a virtual padded cell of 3-way negotiations, parent-on-child-on-parent-on-parent, with sleep being held hostage.

Then scissors.

Then shoes.

When did 5 1/2-yr-olds have such strong opinions about hair? To the point of wanting to cut it off if it didn't hang right! (I remember this in high school, but c'mon, Kindergarten??!!)

And God help the world if this one becomes a lawyer. Can she articulate her position! Good to know she knows what she wants and can express herself.

Now, go express yourself somewhere quietly!! And get your butt to school!

The Little Darling.

Oh, remember the days when HAIR was the biggest thing you had to worry about? she said longingly.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Got me a junior lawyer too, more than once I was angry enough to kill her, and I wish I were kidding. Let me just say this, she has gotten EASIER as she's entered the teenage years, so there is hope. The good news? Her peers can pressure her into ZERO!

riversgrace said...

River threw herself against her door because she didn't want a 'pony'(tail). Kinda scary, isn't it, when you look out into time and space and wonder just how far that intensity might iterate? I actually DO remember being that intense, so, after I fail miserable at being skillful in responding, I try, try again to let her express intensity (where IS that appropriate boundary?)

You seem like you have a great attitude. Good for that girl, strong spirit!

Jerri said...

My Katie bemoaned her curly hair from about 5 to about 11 or 12. We started many days with wails about wanting "flat hair." Many. Many.

One day she announced with great drama--"I've made peace with my hair."

May peace be with you.