Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Same Spot, New Thought

Instead of plugging the meter with "OMG, there's so much to do, how will I get it all done?" it's now, "how can assist you? Where can we interface my skills with your needs to create a mutually beneficial situation?"

As I surround myself with warmth and protection, a blanket of love spreads outward -- both honoring myself and allowing others to be where they are…

Let the light radiate and elevate…
Spin out counter-clockwise any confusion and darkness
And as it lifts, may we all receive insight and clarity
An opening and inspiration
And a call to action.

Time speeds up, but today it slows down--
Pulling, stretching like taffy
as I soak up the sun's soul-warming nutrients.

All things are possible.
All things in place.
We are percolating little bubbles of fabulousness.


Jerri said...

"percolating little bubbles of fabulousness."

This thought makes me happy. So does hearing what a good place you seem to be in.

Carrie Wilson Link said...


Morgan said...

Go Mama! Thanks for that reminder that little twist in perspective can really change the mood for the better!

holly said...

you are percolating little bubbles of fabulous writing write here!