Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moving On...

We survived the 09.09.09.

No big dramas or melt-downs.

In fact, it was rather pleasant. Shall we say, buoyant?

Miss S started her first day at her new school yesterday. She not only survived, she liked it.

She also liked riding the bus, something we weren't so sure about. (She gets to ride a school bus to school now. In some weird twist of fate, her bus stop is smack dab in front of her old school.)

When I arrived to pick her up in the afternoon, she was swingin' and happy with her mates (she rides with 3 other friends from her former school.) Love it!

In a fortuitous moment of happy happiness, seconds after her bus pulled up, another school bus pulled up right behind hers, and 3 more former classmates stepped off the bus from their first day at their new school. Defectors unite!

The sight of half a dozen happy 2nd graders (and a 4th grader) hugging, smiling, and prancing around the front grounds together in some giant reunion of sorts, was a sight to behold.

Happy, happy!

Btw, 10 is her favorite number. Guess what room she got?

More happy, happy!

Today, I'm off to repair my wedding rings that are bent out of shape and giving me such ring rash I can't wear them. (Irony noted.)

Next up, replacing the cracked glass in our cabinet doors, and the broken pond pump.

I feel a clean sweep coming...


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Love everything about this! I, too, am on a big cleaning, fixing, taking-care-of-business binge!

Jess said...

Glad the new school is a success so far! Sounds like good news all around. :)

Holly said...

Hooray! I am breathing a big sigh of relief for you all - happy second grade! Sienna looks so grown up!

Jerri said...

Irony noted.