Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Gym Of My Needs (in 2 parts)

(This is for all you "martyr-moms" and "martyr-friends." You know who you are. You, time takers, back of the class.)

As I stand stronger in my self and recognize the conflicts, distractions and resistance that try to distance me from my Truth, I realize there's a new muscle that needs a workout. Although fragile and weak, not used to the sound of its own voice, it is determined to not be undermined this time. So I have begun a new workout to make it stronger.

Today I am going to the Gym of My Needs. It looks like this:

Part 1
Get a clean sheet of paper. Write down your needs. You know what they are. Focus on them first. There are no wrong answers. Recognition is the first step to reprioritizing. See if there are ways to make shifts in your life. Do this daily. Repeat until un-needed.

I Need more personal freedom, (aka. time)
I Need a regular physical workout to release and get clear although losing weight would be good too
I Need to let go of time takers and distractions
I Need my daughter to separate quicker at school and at bedtime, in order for me to get to my work
I Need sleep, more than 4 or 5 hours per night
I Need more childcare coverage
I Need more revenue streams in order to relieve some stress
I Need clarity from distractions like other people's drama or needs I can't take on
I Need to speak up for my needs
I Need to put my needs first some of the time

Part 2
Now get another clean sheet of paper, or you can continue on the other side. Write down what you are thankful for. Feeling gratitude for what you already have is the fastest way to shift from fear or scarcity into abundance and blessings.

I Need to thank my daughter for illuminating my weak "martyr-mom" muscle
I Need to thank my friend G for showing me my "martyr-friend" pattern
I Need to thank the running practice for always bringing clarity, even on the muddiest days
I Need to thank "words" for being the new medium to communicate my process, my journey, to healing, to consciousness
I Need to thank this body for continuing to serve me through all the abuse I've inflicted upon it
I Need to thank my husband for tagging in when I couldn't go on any more
I Need to thank the Great Oneness for its grace and abundance and divine wisdom, for always knowing what I needed and giving it to me, even when it didn't look like that was what I needed at the time
I Need to thank resistance, for I've seen that on the other side of resistance is always a blessing far greater than the pain of facing it or breaking through it
I Need to thank those who might be reading this, for in sharing our wisdom, we all are strengthened and the connection ripples out exponentially

Thank you.


Suzy said...

I need to thank you for your inspirational writing and sharing.

Christy Hobart said...

i need to thank you for sharing your plan. i'll take out my sheet of white paper tomorro morning.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Go to the head of the class, Tanya! Take an A!

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

Thank you, for your insightful writing. What a great idea! Can we use two sheets of paper for the needs part? :)