Friday, September 08, 2006

Apology Accepted

"Dear Mommy,

I'm so sorry for being mean to you in the fairy game.
Next time I'll try and be nicer.


This is a note my daughter "wrote" to me after she was not playing fair (or nice) during a game of fairy cards, to which my response was "if you're not going to play nice, then we won't be playing at all." Typical mother-child cliché. She stormed off and had a fit.

Later, after I had ignored her for long enough, she got busy in her room and came out to present me with this apology note she had created, no prompting from me. She insisted I memorize what it "said" as she "read" it to me three times, so I wouldn't forget. Note the triangular ear-like piece stapled to the top of the page. Huh? But also note the perfect heart she drew towards the bottom before "LOEA SIENNA."

(C'mon, she's only 4 and already she's attempting to write out her feelings all by herself.)


On The Other Hand…

Lately we've been reading Beverly Cleary's classic, Ramona The Pest, in chapters before bedtime. It's about a willful little Kindergartner. Seems like today, (and last night when she belligerently had a fit at 2am and refused to go back to bed!), Sienna The Pest would be more appropriate. She's really been a piece of work lately, pushing all kinds of buttons.

Geez, will summer break ever end?

While the rest of you moms are already crying and high-fiving, having an additional cup of coffee or cocktail, I've still got another 5 days until school starts up again!

Five more days until school starts.

Not today. Not all weekend. Not even Monday. Nope. That's reserved for teacher's day.

Not 'Til Tuesday…"keep it down now…voices carry…"


Suzy said...

Geez, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..... already writing-time for her own blog about you and the summer???? I would love to hear her side!!!
Great piece, good to see you back!
Please keep going......

Carrie Wilson Link said...

LOVE Sienna's apology. She's got the goods as a writer and artist, just like her mama. In the meantime, it's going to be BRUTAL. Expect it, and when it isn't, those few brief times, relish it. Motherhood ain't for sissies.