Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Will You Sign This Please?

I'm willing to get down off my memoir soapbox and offer up the following bit of humor, but please check out the previous post and share your thoughts. Ok, moving on...

"I'm NEVER gonna marry a boy, ever!
If the boy says, "will you marry me?" I'll say, Nope, nope, nope. I'm never marrying a boy!

I'm just gonna live in this house, until you move into a different house.
I'm just staying with Mommy & Daddy.

If you never move then I will never move.
If you do move, then I'll move too.
If you move to a different city, then I'll move to a different city.
But if you don't move to a different city, then I'll NEVER move to a different city,
because I love Mommy & Daddy too much!"

(dated 9/13/06)

This last announcement had my husband and I busting a gut. Ah, do you think you could put this in writing? Wait, I just did. Sign here, please.

Cut to 12 years from now, my daughter, well into her too cool for Mom years, dating "Thor" the tattooed, nose-ringed bass player from the band, Galactic Dust Bomb, is begging to go on the road with him.

Ah, well, I've got this document you signed, sweetie…

Of course, 2 days later, while picking her up from afterschool play, she announced that she would be marrying Bobby Romano, a punky little kid in her preschool with a penchant for hitting innocent bystanders. But, she told me only girls could come. No boys.

Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Galactic Dust Bomb... That was awesome!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Glad you got that in writing, you're going to get some good mileage with that one!

Suzy said...

Get it notarized....