Monday, September 11, 2006

What're Ya Sayin' ??

Today Sienna made a self-portrait in preparation for her "Family Book" she needs to take back with her when school resumes on Tuesday.

The "Family Book" is an ongoing collection of photos and artwork about her family, her friends, her favorite things, special trips and summer playdates with school friends. It's used to re-connect the home and family to her "work" at school throughout the year, as well as to tie summer memories to the fall. The children add to their books each year and share them with each other as a way to connect and learn.

Here is her most recent addition, the self-interpretation.

Note the long blonde "princess hair," to the floor pink dress-up gown, flowered tiara-headband and red high-heeled shoes. She added brown eyes and purple lipstick for full effect.

Next, note her portrait of "Mommy the Elephant."

Ok, she did draw a bunch of blue hearts all around it, but c'mon, "Mommy the ELEPHANT?"

Just exactly what are you trying to say here Little Missy?

Note the teeny tiny head, the enormous ears, (it's true nothing gets past THESE musician ears), long drawn out skinny nose across the page, huge body to head ratio, and what's with all those big scribbles in the middle? Extra weight? Largess? El Super Grande Mamacita?

Is that how she sees me? An ELEPHANT??!!


(Better keep on that running program.)

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Carrie Wilson Link said...

Maybe elephants are her favorite animal and it's the highest compliment? Maybe?