Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Wishes

"Some day… there will be a story you want to tell for no better reason than because it matters to you more than any other… You'll stop looking over your shoulder to make sure you're keeping everybody happy, and you'll simply write what's real and true… That's when you'll finally produce the work you’re capable of."
-JD Salinger to Joyce Maynard
excerpt from At Home In The World : a memoir
by Joyce Maynard

On the eve of Christmas, as I review the past year's work, progress, hopes and dreams, the above quote I just stumbled upon seems even more timely, more appropriate to hear and absorb, even though I had originally clipped it several years ago.

As I work on my craft, the turning of the wheel, reviewing and refining my point of view, the frame to my story, may I also find the very same courage and fearlessness that is necessary to write authentic work without worrying what others may think.

So with a holiday blessing in mind, I share this thought with you. May it help to reveal the core of who you are, your essential self, and may you live and work from there as well.

Happy Holidays!

Abundance and good things to all….


Jerri said...

thank you for the lovely blessing, T. My Christmas wish for you is that all these hopes and dreams come true.

Blessings to you and yours.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love the quote. I'm printing it out. Thank you!

Happy Holidays!

Prema said...

Thanks, Tanya. This seems to be a commone theme in the circle this week. I'm sitting with it, confronting what stands in the way, and slowing down. Slowing down is condusive for listening. Listening is everything when we seek the truth.

Many blessings to you as the cycle turns.