Wednesday, January 09, 2008

...from the stillness

I have been quiet. Reflecting on the blankness, on what is to come.

No, I haven't drunk myself into a quandary, 
(although I do seem to like posting cocktail recipes. )

No, I am not in my sick bed, thank God. 

No, I am not rushing around in a mad-dash of energy as I usually am.

Just trying to stay centered, calm, still...

and create the next moment.

Fully conscious.

Step by step.

Happy New Year to all my brave and beautiful friends.

Shine on.


Jerri said...

Love the idea of you reflecting on blankness, gathering strength in the stillness.

You truly do shine, my friend. And you help others shine, too.

My deepest thanks for your presence these last weeks. You've made more of a difference to me than you'll eer know.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Shine on!

riversgrace said...

Good, glad to know that you are 'being'

Perfect way to enter the new year.

Happy thinking of you moving from that place.