Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top Of The Hill

There's this spot on the top of the hill I like to go, where the whole world seems spread out before me. Not really. Just feels that way. The discerning eye only sees treetops and telephone poles, slivers of rooftops, and the poke of palms dotting the horizon where the pull of the ocean follows just beyond that.

You might drive past and see nothing. Hundreds of cars do daily…yet somehow, my heart leads me here and I know better than to resist.

I follow the steps that come intuitively. No book led me here except the longing in my own heart and the collective wisdom of ages upon ages of I don't know what. I dare not qualify or quantify it for fear of diluting its potency. Doesn't matter. I'm drawn here. So I am here.

I've used these steps for a workout more than I can count, yet lately, I sense they are for a greater work. Since last time, I have already seen the changes…motion…connection…the truth of the living, breathing, inter-weaving of hearts and desire. Fabulousness. We are creating fabulousness, yes. So who am I to not answer the call? If my part is up here--visioning, holding, embracing the acreage from way above the treetops, who am I to argue? I can already see the benefit. The progress. The joining of hearts. And a bit of a shift.

So, today I am back. Opening to whatever will unfold.

Pen ready, journal in my lap, feet anchored on the concrete step below me, sun radiating warmth and glory all around me, my heart, secure in this place, alive with knowing, begins to swell and open and come out of hiding.

As I breathe in slowly, my heart expands, pushing my ribcage, larger, larger… and on the exhale, freeing my energy past the constraints of the body's limitations of form. I am not the body, I just live here. And to expand feels like returning home. A place where it's safe to be large. Safe to be free. Safe to be undefined. Embraced. Where all there is, is Love. I am that. We all are.

I spread my love out amongst the treetops, encircling the little school with the big heart, with the big yard, 10 acres of possibility, unlimited potential, surround it in Love. And wait for what comes next.

This is all I know to do today. Open, extend, encircle, embrace, radiate, and wait for the next thing.

I shake the rug of reality and watch the ripples. Crumbs fly off leaving a clearer, clean view. We are reset.

Pen poised, I wait for instructions. Then I will walk on campus shortly to see what happens next.

May these words be helpful to others. Do not fear them. This is the Truth.

I must go now. I open my eyes and see a woman dressed in a blue jogging suit standing at the bottom of the stairs, arms outstretched as if receiving a blessing. I smile. Nod.

And now it's time to go.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

"I shake the rug of reality and watch the ripples. Crumbs fly off leaving a clearer, clean view. We are reset."

There's something shifting in you, Tanya, and it's shifting in your writing, too. LOVELY writing, lovely shifting!

Jerri said...

"A place where it's safe to be large."

Oh, T. If you figure that out, you'll have the world in your hands.

Marianne Williamson says it does not serve the world for you to play small. She's right, of course, but being large takes to much courage.

Go BIG with that.

invisible said...

I stand at the crossroads.

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