Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Results are in…

Update: The above recent expression of Miss S's seems to tie in with the following topic. She also wondered out loud what her job used to be. You know, last time around.

So many of you have asked. And waited patiently. And now, without further ado...

Miss S's Questions (and Answers) To God:

Who was the 1st one alive?
Boy that's really hard. Fairies. Because fairies are magic. They can come whenever they want. And they can leave whenever they want. They can die and then come back the next day, as the same person with the same job, or a different job.

Was the first person living a boy or a girl?

Half boy and half girl. A little bit of both.

How were their bodies then? Were they different?

It was the same.

How did the world come about?
I'm watching a mini-clip in my head. When I'm done I'll tell you. I know. I think I know…. Um, well, there was a space fairy and there had been no planets in the space. So the space fairy decided to make earth. And she had a special wand and with her special wand she said, "draw the earth and make it come true." So with her wand she drew the picture of the earth and then she filled some people in, and she filled the water in and planted trees, grass and plants. She thought that everyone could be friends.

How did she know what things looked like?
Well, she had it in her imagination. And then, she met the Building Fairy. She was the one who built everything in the whole entire world. She went from planet to planet building things after the Space Fairy made other planets. The Builder Fairy started to build houses for everyone and places to go. And then the people started to have babies and the babies grew up very fast. And everyone loved it on the planet, so did the fairies.

What did the 1st house look like?

It was very pretty. It had a garden out back and there were two trees in the front yard and in between the trees they made a hammock, and there was a little light hanging over because they had built a top for it so you wouldn't get wet in it, in the hammock. They made a very pretty bouquet of red roses tied very tightly to the door. It was a white house made out of wood, and the top/roof was made out of brick. Inside there was an upstairs and a downstairs. Over the dinner table was a white chandelier with fake red berries wrapped around it.

Who came up with languages?
A boy and a girl. The boy said, I think we should come up with a language. A lot of different ones too. The girl added, that's what I was thinking. They had been talking in sign language.

How many other planets and earths are there?

Quite a lot.

How did the 1st person get here?

Gravity has to be everywhere so nothing falls.
That's a really hard question.
What I think that God I think. What I think I think that God I think. (laughing.)
By magic. The first person got here by magic.

How many people will ever live in the world, from beginning to end? (God will know when it stops)

(We skipped this one. Too hard.)

How long will people stay alive?

A very long time, I mean not a very long time, quite a long time.

Who lives the longest?
Santa. He never dies.

How did God make people's bodies?
It was magic.

PS. Don't be sure to not think about it.

I particularly like the last PS she insisted on tacking on.
That, and also the "what I think that God I think" thing she was sort of chanting.

Mind you, she's 6.



Carrie Wilson Link said...

"Over the dinner table was a white chandelier with fake red berries wrapped around it."

Her attention to detail, and diplomacy, is astounding. Love how the boy and the girl were both thinking the same thing, and love how the first person was 1/2 of each. Fair, fair and more fair.

She's six in this lifetime, only, that is one old soul!

Jerri said...

I LOVE that she was watching a mini-clip in her head to get the answers.

Carrie's right. This one is an old soul. An old soul with great heart and imagination and love.

And how much do you love "Santa never dies."

This made my day, T. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Beautiful answers. She's one wise little guru. Keep following her.

kario said...

My girls are working on 'creation stories' in school right now - I can't wait to share this with them when they're done! What a fantastic exercise.

Jess said...

Those are priceless. Truly. Thanks so much for sharing them!

I tried to explain Columbus Day and then Thanksgiving to a 6-yr-old last week. That was interesting. "But, Jess, why are there not a lot of Indians anymore...?"