Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Trail...

Thanks to Jerri, today I discovered Kelly Rae. In addition to her amazing work, what struck me when going deeper into her story was the literal trail of steps she put forth in her life, chronicled right there on the page. If you look at her news page, you can see that over the course of the last 2 years she literally shifted her life from dissatisfied social worker to creative (and successful) artist whose work inspires many, by a continual opening to and focusing on her inner stirrings, her soul purpose. The map is right there.

As we put our focus on those things which move us, inspire us, light us up with a rush of passion, if we highlight those, put the magic juju on expanding those things in our lives, we can actively move towards calling forth an authentic life expression.

Going back and putting the steps up in bullet points, month by month, one can see a virtual trail of commitment to the work, universal support, doors opening, and opportunities rushing in to support her. It's right there.

I am inspired to go back and look at the trail of nuggets in my own life and put them up in a sequence for my own reflection. Those moments of open doors, opportunities, connections, shared inspiration. What I think I will find is that although at times I fight it or am fearful or overwhelmed, truly a path has been unfolding for me this entire way.

I'm pretty sure the writing piece, ignited by a certain memoirist, meeting all of you in the virtual circle, feeling the support and encouragement of women at my back, getting on the "wrong" committee, agreeing to write up the notes, the Guidebook that wouldn't go away, the school thing, the speaking, the social activism piece, is all significant and has led me here.

The part where it doesn't stop with what I am doing but includes passing the spark to inspire others to light up their own lives and communities is the empowered part of this. It's bigger than me. It's universal current. Rapidly contagious. Light upon light. Quantum shifting.

I also love that she calls herself a possibilitarian. Brilliant. Rather than challenges, choose to focus on possibilities. As if life is just one giant exploration. No right. No wrong. Just is. Can always create something else. No limits.

Abundance abounds.

Onward and upward!


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Ditto, ditto, DITTO!!!!!!!


Jerri said...

So...did you examine the nuggets? Would love to hear what you found.