Friday, July 21, 2006

Dairy, Take 2

I just have to share this for its utter ridiculousness.

I was called back today to do some "fixes" on the Motown-y track for this Midwestern dairy's new radio ad campaign. You know, their radio jingle. You may remember they scratched the Barry White-sounding groove for something more "upbeat and catchy." The composer then did a 60s Motown-y remake, figuratively speaking. It was definitely more upbeat and catchy, but so NOT Barry White.

I'm in the booth with this guy, an amazing singer who's sung backups for Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and on countless other records and movie scores.

The note is that "The Client" decides he can't hear enough of the "Ds" on the word moods in the previous track we did. The line is, "oh, let's all get into Moods…" Moods being the dairy product they're selling.

So there we are, putting an extra-exaggerated "moo-Dza" almost Italian mafia style over the existing track. Whatever.

"Honey, I'm really in the moo--dza." (wink, wink)

I'm sure that'll make millions more people run out to the store to buy their product.

Hey, as long as they pay me.

Moral of this story, when you're driving around in your car and you hear one of those cheesy jingles playing on the radio, don't shoot the composer. It's usually the result of some non-creative "Creative Director" who runs the show.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Isn't it a bit ironic that a DAIRY wants to emphasize the D in "mood"?

Suzy said...

Sorry they didn't like the "utter" one! (ouch! get it)